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Remember, Freedom is NOT free!  When you met a Vet, thank them for their giving of their time to preserve our way of life!


Attention Current and Retired Military,  as well as  First Responders.  Use my Contact form for a discount code to use…  My way of saying “Thanks”

We Have the Freshest Beef and Bacon Jerky around!

Feel free to look around, and if you place an order, you will soon be enjoying the best tasting jerky you have ever had.
We use only USDA approved beef, and make it fresh, for each and every order.
By HAND TRIMMING the meat to 93% lean, and NEVER adding any preservatives, you will ALWAYS have a Delicious, Nutritious, Enjoyable Snack!
Since we do not make it in advance, it takes us a few more days to get it to you, but by doing so, you get the FRESHEST jerky possible.

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